Your customers are mobile.

Your customer engagement technology should be too.

We use mobile to acquire, engage and evolve customer relationships, bringing you “what’s next” in customer experience.

We help you understand a better future for customer engagement and support you in delivering it

Our focus is forward looking; on topics such as the removal of consumer friction, the digitisation of customer engagement; enhanced personalisation and the convergence of digital payments and loyalty.

We source, evaluate and implement new and innovative technical solutions specifically tailored to the needs of your business.

Creating winning opportunities at faster speed and with lower risk that generate greater returns on investment

Our Services


We provide consulting services in all aspects of emerging customer strategy, technology & future customer management trends.

We help you make better decisions about how to manage customer behaviour and grow value.

Rather than reacting to market pressures & playing catch-up. We prepare organisations to be proactive in the future engagement of customers.


We support you implement customer engagement solutions that deliver effective results.

We identify the right customer engagement platform to meet your needs, or run a tender process to ensure a cost-effective outcome.

Our expertise in implementing multiple customer data platforms across many industries ensures you have the optimal solution for your business.

Our project management experience includes digital transformation, big data and modern data architectures projects.

Our portfolio of products help you to

manage customer behaviour without destroying margin

Existing Programs

  • GDPR policy audit: Pseudonymisation & tokenisation
  • Customer data utilisation assessment: Basic; Limited intelligence; Contextual; Predictive

New Programs

  • Technology vendor benchmarking: Data layer, business application and customer engagement
  • Employee training: All aspects of loyalty marketing from liability management to coalition programs
  • Digital innovation assessment; including the use of Bots, Card Linked Offers, Open Banking & Geolocation solutions

We work with our colleagues at the Customer Strategy Network and Loyalty Academy to bring you best in class marketing products, services and training from across the globe.

Our Approach

We have developed a comprehensive methodology to assess a company’s customer engagement needs.  We use this to evaluate the current situation and create the action plan for the delivery of long-term digital customer engagement.


Our Customer Management Framework

Our framework for delivering long-term customer engagement includes:

Get the most from technology


  • Systems Integrations
  • Data Layer
  • Customer Applications
  • Business Applications

Make your customer experience great

Customer Experience

  • Consumer Research
  • Marketing Automation
  • Content Strategy
  • Systems Integration

    Do more with data


    • Security
    • Privacy & Regulation
    • API Frameworks
    • API Data Sharing

    Innovate at the heart of your project


    • R&D Funding
    • Internal Culture
    • Product Innovation
    • Process Innovation

    Know more with intelligence

    Analytics & AI

    • Content Analysis
    • Business Intelligence
    • Social Listening
    • Web & Mobile Analysis

    Bring it all together

     Organisational Alignment

    • Sales and Channels
    • Digital Teams
    • IT & Operations
    • Marketing

    Let’s Talk

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